20-Jun-2022 – 24-Jun-2022

I am employed in VDX.TV for a year now and this is my first visit to the office. It is situated pretty in pretty remote area compared to Delhi. It is at sector 142. Luckily there is a metro sation just in front of the office building. Although it is not normal metro like delhi (i.e. delhi metro card wont work here), it well connected with the delhi metro.


The Guest House

We (VDX.TV) have a guest house aproximately 4KM from the office. It is 4BHK apart in a apartment complex called ATS Green Village.

Delhi Metro

India Gate

The India Gate is pretty far from my office. However it is connected via metro, so it is breeze. I went to there without knowing anything about the place. Just saw in the map that I have to get down from metro blue line at Mandie House station. After that I can walk. I was interested in the India Gate inself. However, I end up at the India Gate complex. There was a fantastic view of India Gate, but I could not go any where near the India Gate.

India Gate India Gate India Gate

To my suprise, the tour take me to Amar Jawan complex where flag celebration was happening at that time. Checkout the following video.

India Gate India Gate

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is Baháʼí House of Worship. It is a interesting achitecture. The inner area is very cozy, slient and peaceful. Lotus Temple Lotus Temple