Ajodhya Pahar(অযোধ্যা পাহাড়)

05-Nov-2022 – 06-Nov-2022

Ajodhya Pahar or Ajodhya Hill is a hilly area in the Purulia District with fantastic sites to see. There are several places to visit in the area. It is usually a 3-days-2-night trip. However, we (me and my mother) did plan for one night only. We started from Suri on Saturday (5-11-2022) morning and reached Baghmundi around 1 PM.

Khairabera Dam

On Saturday, we did not have a lot of time. So, we visited the Khairabera Dam. It is a small dam surrounded by hills. The scenic beauty at the dam is just awesome.

Khairabera Dam Khairabera Dam Khairabera Dam

Thunga Dam

The next morning, we checked out early and start for the site scene. We first went to Thunga Dam. It is a nice place to be as it was quiet and the natural beauty is relaxing. When we reached there, no one was there probably because we started early.

Thunga Dam is primarily for irrigation purposes only. It has very small openings for both the irrigation canal and the main river.

Thunga Dam Thunga Dam Thunga Dam

Purulia Pumped Storage Hydel Power Station

The Purulia district has a Hydel Power Station which is a huge battery for our electricity grid. It is developed under Purulia Pumped Storage Hydel Power Project. It is consisting of two dams (upper dam and lower dam) with a capacity of 900MW. It helps the electricity grid by consuming excess electricity to pump water from the lower dam to the upper dam and generate electricity by running turbines with the released water from the upper dam while the grid load is peak. Most recently, this station was useful to consume a lot of excess electricity on the 5th of April 2020, when the entire country turned off lights for 25 minutes. It consume 700MW of excess electricity out of 31,089MW (Wiki, Posco).

Purulia Pumped Storage Hydel Power Station

Kesto Bazar Dam

Kesobazar dam is the subsequent dam after the lower dam. It is most likely for irrigation purposes only. Although it is a pretty big dam, it is situated mostly on flat land and all the banks are human-made. The view towards the lower dam from this one is spectacular. Nothing else to add here as we didn’t even roam around it.

Kesto Bazar Dam Kesto Bazar Dam

Lower Dam

After the Kestobazar dam, we ascend towards the lower dam. The road is really wide and smooth but stiff. It was my first drive through stiff uphill. It was difficult. The scenic beauty was awesome. So, we stop in multiple places to see the Kestobazar dam and the Lower dam. Also, there was no proper viewpoint for the lower dam.

Lower Dam Lower Dam Lower Dam

Upper Dam

The Upper Dam perfect place to stop and enjoy the view and photo shoot. The road around the dam is pretty long and wide. Some locals also sell local souvenirs and eatables.

Upper Dam Upper Dam Upper Dam Upper Dam

Bamni Falls

Bamni falls located aprox 2-3KM from upper dam. The falls is surrunded by dense forest and rocks. One need to trek down 20-30m to reach the falls. Infact the falls is all the down towards the lower lake. One can go down as much as they want. The falls good to see but difficult to photograpth due the dense forest.

Bamni Falls Bamni Falls

Marbel Lake

It is nearby the Bamni falls and upper lake. It is probably an abandoned marble mine. However, the Internet suggests that it was built as a part of a large hydel power station but abandoned due to its unfavorable location (Ref). It is also called Blue Dam or Patal Dam as the water is blue. I felt that it is a nice place to dive however I have not seen anyone diving there.

Marbel Lake Marbel Lake

Mayur Pahar View Point

Mayur Pahar is kind of peak of the Ajodya pahar. While the view is beautiful, it is nothing in comparison with the upper dam or the lower dam. It is also very crowded.

Mayur Pahar View Point Mayur Pahar View Point

Pakhi Pahar

Pakhi Pahar