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This year, we had our annual engineering summit in [Ras Al Khaimah][ras-al-khaimah], UAE, which is approximately 100 kilometers from Dubai. Our company arranged a fantastic resort, and it took about an hour to reach our destination. I was quite tired after more than 24 hours of travel. Although I really wanted to rest, I had the opportunity to go for a desert safari that afternoon.

Desert Safari

Camel on the way to Desert Safari

A desert safari mainly involves driving through the desert, and the experience is truly exhilarating. The cars navigate through the wavy sand dunes, and it’s not always a straight path. Sometimes, they move sideways or even get stuck, which adds to the excitement. At the end of the safari, we had the chance to watch a long-awaited belly dance performance and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari

Additionally, the desert safari package included a simple camel ride, which lasted for about 5 minutes, and an opportunity to try sand surfing. I decided to experience both activities. Sand surfing proved to be a bit more challenging than skateboarding, but it was an immensely enjoyable adventure.

The Zipline Flight

We had a day off on Friday, so a few of us decided to visit a nearby mountain for ziplining. They boasted the longest zipline, spanning 2.8 kilometers, and it took hardly 2 minutes to cover that thrilling distance. It was incredibly fun, but it felt like it ended too soon. We considered doing more activities, but time constraints prevented us from doing anything else. So, we decided to stay there until sunset, enjoying the pleasant mountain weather.

Zipline flight Zipline flight Zipline flight

Zipline Hill Zipline Hill Zipline Hill Zipline Hill


Our summit concluded on Saturday, the 16th of September. However, several people decided to extend their trip for a few extra days and formed a small group to explore the area together. Our group consisted of five people, and we chose to book an Airbnb near Palm Jumeirah. Our room had a beach-facing view, which provided us with a fantastic glimpse of Jumeirah. Additionally, we enjoyed watching the skydivers from our room. While it must have been fun to participate in the diving, we found it equally enjoyable to watch them.

Dubai Dubai Dubai

After settling into our apartment, we headed to a nearby beach in the evening. It was scorching hot at the beach, but people were still enjoying the sun and sand. Despite the heat, we returned to our apartment feeling sweaty.

Aya and The Frame

On the second day, we visited Aya Universe at Wafi City Mall, a futuristic theme park. It featured multiple rooms with different illusions, and the most intriguing aspect was that there were no restrictions on touching or photography. Describing the experience is challenging, but it was truly awesome.

Wafi City Mall Aya Universe Aya Universe Aya Universe

After our time at Aya Universe, we proceeded to the Dubai Frame. The Dubai Frame is a massive building that resembles a photo frame, symbolizing a bridge between old and new Dubai. Its location allows visitors to see both the old and new parts of the city, depending on their vantage point. The concept is remarkable, and the top floor, situated on the 49th floor, offers a panoramic view. This floor is also transparent, providing an opportunity to look down while walking.

Dubai Frame Dubai Frame Dubai Frame Dubai Frame

Following our visit to Aya Universe and the Dubai Frame, we went to a 1-10 store where everything was priced under 10.95 Dirham. My colleagues purchased many items for their kids, but I chose not to buy anything.

The Gold Souq and Museum of Future

Some people in our group were exceptionally interested in gold, which was quite beyond my comprehension. They dedicated an entire day to nothing but shopping for gold jewelry. At the end of this day, we decided to visit the Museum of Future, a shiny, curvy building filled with what seemed like questionable exhibits. To be frank, I would strongly advise against visiting this attraction in Dubai. The entire day felt somewhat wasted.

Empty Museum of Future

However, the day wasn’t a complete loss. We decided to visit the Dubai Mall, which is located right next to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The mall is famous for its fantastic water and light show, which is performed on the lake. The overall experience was truly memorable, and we watched the show twice before returning to our apartment.

The Huge Aquariam

On the third day, three of us had flights that night, so we relocated to a hotel near the Gold Souq metro station. After settling into the new hotel, my companions decided to go to another store for additional groceries, but I wasn’t interested in joining them. Instead, I opted to visit the Dubai Mall to explore the large aquarium. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness such a vast aquarium.


We returned to India the following day. Dubai was undoubtedly a place with its unique attractions, but it felt exceptionally hot and artificial. While I did enjoy some aspects of the trip, I don’t think it’s a destination I would choose to visit again. Dubai’s focus seems to revolve around themes, extravagant lighting, and towering skyscrapers. In fact, the buildings there are remarkably tall, almost to the point of excess.