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Although I am working with VDX.TV, I do a lot of pet projects in my spare time. It can include anything. In these works, I gain a lot of experience. Links to such recent experiences are given below.



Fully bloomed tree

Bankipara Dam is a river dam in the Dumka district of Jharkhand. It is close to my home town. I just wanted to visit the place for apparently no reason. On that very day, I could not find anyone to accompany me, so, I drove there alone. It took 1 hour to reach there.

I visited the place during a very good season. It was spring and it was time for the Palash flower to bloom. The valley beside the dam was full of Palash trees.

It is better to check out photos than write them.

Fully bloomed tree Fully bloomed tree

Road to the dam Road to the dam

The dam The dam The dam The dam

The valley The valley The valley