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Although I am working with VDX.TV, I do a lot of pet projects in my spare time. It can include anything. In these works, I gain a lot of experience. Links to such recent experiences are given below.



Haldia is a port city near Kolkata. It is a small town with a port and some industrial area. It is located on the river bank of Hoogly where it meets the revide Rupnarayan. It have one of the major dock in the state of West Bengal.

On the Saturday, I wanted to drive and go somewhere. So, I asked a friend to come along and head towards Kharagpur. We had our lunch at Kolaghat and decided to go to Haldia. We had no idea how it would be or anything about it.

After driving for an hour we reached Kolaghat. Our plan was to go to the Vidyasagar Park, but it was difficult to find and went some where else. That place was really empty and pretty. Here goes some photos.

Haldia Haldia Haldia

After sometime we went to the Vidyasagar Park. Sun was about to set for the day. So, view was just magical. This park is nothing but a strand across the river bank.

Some more photos.

Haldia Haldia Haldia Haldia Haldia