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Although I am working with VDX.TV, I do a lot of pet projects in my spare time. It can include anything. In these works, I gain a lot of experience. Links to such recent experiences are given below.

BkTPP Ash Pond


BkPTS Ash Pond 2

Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station (BkTPP) is a coal-burning thermal power station under WBPDCL. Like every coal-burning power station, this one also produces lots of coal ashes. BkTPS dumps in nearby ash ponds. BkTPS have two ponds. One of them is full now and a new one has been started recently. This pond is not really a tourist attraction. That doesn’t mean one can visit the place.

Trips to these ponds were my sister’s long pending wish list. So, we went there with her OLA S1 today. The ponds are pretty close by. Hardly 2 KM apart. At first, we went to the old one as it is closer to our place. Here are some pics.

BkPTS Ash Pond 1 BkPTS Ash Pond 1 BkPTS Ash Pond 1 BkPTS Ash Pond 1

The ash pond 1 the full and no more space was available to dump any more ashes here. Some industries buy those ash to make different things including bricks. But the ash consumption rate is very low compared to the dumping rate. Anyway, we moved on to the 2nd pond. It is a place to visit once for sure. Here go some pics and videos.

BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2 BkPTS Ash Pond 2

Most of the pond looks dry except on the far side. Lots of water accumulated there and people are gathering there. Don’t know if they are going to bathe or not. BkTPS authorities provided lots of warnings about the water. The water is not safe as it might contain arsenic or other harmful particles. By the way, water is being reused by the thermal power plant. There is a small water treatment plant beside the pond.