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Although I am working with VDX.TV, I do a lot of pet projects in my spare time. It can include anything. In these works, I gain a lot of experience. Links to such recent experiences are given below.

Biharinath Hill


Biharinath Trekking Trail

Biharinath hill is situated in the Bankura District of West Bengal. It is the tallest hill in the district of Bankura with a height of 451m from MSL. The trek starts from the bottom of the hill beside the Biharinath temple. The Trek length is 1385m and the climb is 250m.

Hill Top Trail Marking

The trail is rough and steep to climb. However, it is well-marked. Most of the part is covered with hard rock. However, some places are covered with loose rocks and dust. Those places are pretty tricky to climb. Overall experience is really good. The trail is covered with thick trees and the outside scene can not be seen much. There is no view at the top. Instead, there is a temple-like structure, and people hang stones and water bottles from the tree.

Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail Hill Top Trail

Out side view from the trail

Hill top temple like stucture

I and my friend reached there around noon and started climbing almost immediately. It took us approximately 1 hour and a little over 2 hours to climb down. My friend’s attire posed more challenge for her as she was wearing tight jeans and ordinary shoes.

There is a lake in front of the hill. Locals were bathing there.

The lake under the Biharinath hill